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Miru offers a range of custom engineering services from specialising OpenPGM to providing complete system solutions.

OpenPGM licensing

OpenPGM is made available under the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 which permits static linking with applcations. Flexible options are available for fully redistributable proprietary licenses.

OpenPGM support

Annual subscriptions are available starting from US$2,500 per platform. Including online support for all released versions of OpenPGM, alongside documentation and back-porting of fixes from newer versions as required. Miru consultancy can be engaged with short one-time contracts to implement specific features or requirements.

OpenPGM derivatives

Companies using OpenPGM on their servers, desktop, or embedded client often want it optimised to match their environments. Alterations made to OpenPGM can range from protocol parameters through to customised NAK handling, congestion control, and system reporting and management. If you need a version of OpenPGM that meets your needs we can help.

Embedded development

Server clients can vary from desktop systems to network appliances. Work can range from optimising OpenPGM for restricted resource environments. We can provide a specialised version of OpenPGM that will work for your environment.

Architectural porting

OpenPGM has been ported to x86-64 and x86 Linux, Microsoft Windows and OpenSolaris platforms together with SPARC v8 and v9 on Oracle Solaris. Miru's developers can provide assistance to port OpenPGM to new architectures and operating systems, with custom development to fully take advantage of the target platforms features.

Software development

Miru's developers can provide specialist development for closed or open source development based on OpenPGM or other message orientated middleware. We can also provide bug and issue handling ensuring that the integration is successful.